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Powerful web application for MOT assessments

Almost every government mandates vehicle inspection periodically. In the UK, local garages authorised by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) issue certificates. These local garages are also called Ministry of Transport (MOT) testers and vehicle inspection is called MOT test. The testers need to stay qualified with completing training and passing an assessment every year. There are currently more than 23.000 Mot vehicle testing stations (VTS)

Annual assessments are categorised as class 1 and 2 vehicles (group A) and class 4 and 7 vehicles (group B). Also, there are currently 2 assessment providers which are ABC awards and Institute of the Motor Industry. A tester need to be eligible at least one of the groups and can choose one of the assessment provider. The assessment includes 30 multiple-choice questions and takes 1 hour.

Overall System

Our client MOT Juice needed a system to help Mot Testers prepare for their exam. The system consists of 2 statically generated web applications connected via REST API. A tester can take mock exams, review them, and checkout services in the first application. The second one is an admin dashboard for question creators, reviewers and publishers.

Mock Exam

An Mot tester need to sign up in the system. In the signup process, personal information, eligible classes and VTS of tester are gathered. With a confirmation email, tester log in the system. To start mock exam, tester first choose group and assessment provider. In assessment, tester can see the research documents about question. When assessment finished, tester can review the assessment and purchase a training or assessment package from shop.

Admin Dashboard

In admin dashboard, questions are created, reviewed and published and these operations are applied by 3 different user types which are creator, reviewer and publisher. Creator crates a question and if the question is approved by reviewer, publisher can publish it. Reviewer can reject questions also with a feedback and creator edits rejected question according to feedback. Mock exam questions are randomly selected from published questions.


MOT Juice's number of paid subscriptions was %20 increased in a few months and the testers who used this system muchly benefited from this system. At the end we started a new project with them to make them more successfully