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Powerful web application for MOT assessments

Almost every government mandates vehicle inspection periodically. In the UK, local garages authorised by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) issue certificates. These local garages are also called Ministry of Transport (MOT) testers and vehicle inspection is called MOT test. There are currently more than 23.000 Mot vehicle testing stations (VTS)

Vehicle testing stations need to achieve relevant qualifications such as having trained staff and required equipment. DVSA carries out a site review of vehicles testing stations at least once every 3 years and the review happens without a notice. Therefore, it is important keep the vts quality updated

Overall System

After our first system Mock Exam, our client MOT Juice needed a system to get Mot Tester's business, staff and equipment details. Mot vehicle testing stations can be in various sizes and it can be hard to get all the details from just one person. We decided to build a system to gather all the information in one place and send it their main system.

The system is a statically generated web applications connected to REST API.


The most qualified person (AE) in the Mot tester business open an account first, then the system gather all the information step by step. Each step can be delegated to another staff with opening a subaccount. After all the steps are done, details are sent to our client's main system. It works as a microservice


Before this system it was hard to get all details of Mot tester business and the main system was complicated. With this new system called Onboarding, collecting details is delegated and main system is simplified. New system is flexible and easy to add new features.